Animal Facility Management and Design

Date: October 2022


This unit will enable you to understand the process of animal facility design, construction and modification, and to develop your ability to reflect on management theories and strategies.  In this unit you will learn how to identify the potential problems and conflicts likely to arise during the planning stage and discuss possible solutions to these problems.  You will review organisational structures and functions, the importance of budget control, time management, and developing effective management strategies in the workplace. 

Throughout this unit, you will illustrate how these topics contribute to improved understanding of animal welfare and husbandry, and broaden your application of good laboratory management and practice.



You will cover....


  • Preparation of the Brief: design team, definition of purpose, biocontainment, Bioexclusion, Barriers  and their applications, animal considerations, Ergonomics and legal requirements. 

  • Planning: location, requirements, layout

  • Agreeing plans: Interpretation of plans, identification of acceptable and unacceptable features.

  • Project control: liaison with architect, builders representative, staff representatives. Inspection of building, commissioning building.

Key skills you will develop...

  • Verbal and/or other presentation skills

  • Individual initiative and research skills

  • Self-evaluation of performance and in learning

  • Effective communication skills

  • Time management and prioritisation skills

  • Negotiating skills

  • Effective team work