Biological Science


Date: October 2022


This unit is designed to familiarise students with scientific principles that are relevant to animal management and science. During this unit you will gain a sound understanding of the principles of animal anatomy and physiology, knowledge that is essential to guarding their health and well being. Furthermore you will learn how to apply this knowledge to animal welfare, animal technology and scientific research.

You will cover...

  • Anatomy and Physiology

  • Comparative anatomy

  • Identification of relevant anatomical features

  • Biological chemistry

  • Nutrition

Key skills you will develop...

  • Knowledge and understanding of the structural organisation and function of major body systems, and how they interact with each other

  • Safe and accurate execution of practical experiments

  • Ability to illustrate the contribution of these topics to the better understanding of animal welfare, technology and credible scientific research.

This unit will be assessed with work based assignments.