Benefits for Students

Discover what you can gain from studying at CLAST

Biological knowledge

Learn about complex biological processes related to animals in research

Critical Thinking

Develop and refine your critical thinking and writing abilities

Animal Welfare

Maintain and improve animal welfare at your facility

Soft Skills

Develop your soft skills in management, negotiation and communication skills


Perform experimental procedures safely and effectively

Career Progression

Increase your job satisfaction and chance of career progression


​Provide you with valuable professional networking opportunities


Learn to deliver confident and informative presentations


Graduate with an IAT HE certificate that can be used towards a full HE qualification in the future


Benefits for Employers

As an employer, you want to know that you are making a worthy investment in your employees' education and training. We strive to train laboratory professionals to the highest standards and work closely with many large employers of laboratory staff including the Universities of Oxford, Cambridge and King's College London. 

The benefits of higher education and training in animal science and technology aren't just for your employees, your company stands to gain just as much, including;

Staff Retention

Greater staff retention, especially whilst they are studying

Animal Welfare

Be safe in the knowledge that your staff are experts in animal welfare, helping to maintain a culture of care

New Technologies

Students learn cutting edge 

approaches from industry experts, equipping staff with a range of practical skills to bring to the workplace

Interpersonal Skills

Students will develop

interpersonal skills to facilitate working effectively with a diverse range of stakeholders in a team environment

Staff Confidence

Staff members who are confident public speakers with improved communication and presentation skills

Meet CPD Requirements

Our wide range of modules meet CPD needs and can be incorporated into staff appraisals

Time Management

Efficient employees who can prioritise and manage their time effectively

Scientific Writing

Employees with developed scientific writing skills for use in the company

Staff Loyalty

Increased staff loyalty and sense of being valued by the company

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