About our CPD courses

Our CPD courses are a great way for you to gain the skills required to excel in the field of animal research, without committing to a full IAT HE Diploma. Designed for a range of professionals working in animal research facilities, our courses are suitable for animal technologists, researchers, veterinary professionals and other animal facility staff members. We strive to train laboratory professionals to the highest standards and work closely with many large employers of laboratory staff including the Universities of Oxford, Cambridge and King's College London. 

Once completed you will be awarded an IAT CPD Certificate specific to the unit you have studied. These certificates can be used at any time to contribute towards a full IAT HE Diploma, without having to repeat the unit.

Academic Skills


Applied Learning & Development

30th Sep - 2nd Oct

Develop your skills in reflection, research and the creation of effective plans. Particularly useful for existing or prospective NACWOs, NTCOs and NIOs.



Project Planning & Project 

18th - 21st November

Research, review, analyse and debate current scientific theories, and learn how to manage a project effectively through your chosen research topic.



Experimental Design

TBC 2020

An introduction to the principles of good experimental design and reporting. Develop your  skills in effective research, review and analysis.


Animal Health & Welfare


Biological Science

21st - 25th October

Explore the principles of animal anatomy and physiology, and learn how to apply this knowledge to improve animal welfare and scientific research.


Blood Test


TBC 2019

An introduction to the theory, methods and regulations governing the assessment of biochemical toxicology and the role of the Study Director.



Animal Law & Welfare

4th - 7th November

Explore the legislation and ethical principles governing the use of animals in science, essential knowledge for all existing and prospective NACWOs.



Physiology of

Pain & Stress

TBC 2020

Consider the biological basis of pathological change and animal behaviour, with particular reference to pain and stress.



Disease Recognition & Control

24th - 27th February 2020

Discover how the mammalian body defends itself against disease and how to utilise those defences for experimental and husbandry purposes.


Closeup of a Petri Dish

Genetic Alteration


TBC 2020

All you need to know about breeding, maintaining and using GA animals, including the maintenance and development of specific animal models.


Management Skills


Animal Facility Management & Design

7th - 10th October

Learn about the process of animal facility design, construction and modification, and develop your ability to reflect on management theories and strategies.



Supervisory Management Skills

3rd - 6th February 2020

An introduction to supervisory management within an animal facility, focusing on the legislative responsibilities and management principles needed in the workplace. 



"What I most liked about studying with CLAST was the teaching staff, they were superb and took time out to explain anything that was not understood. I still keep in touch with some of them and think of them as friends."


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