Experimental Design

Date: March 2023


This unit  aims to prepare you critiquing and developing your own  academic research projects, including the final year project. You will be introduced to the principles of good experimental design and reporting. The unit aims to develop your scientific skills and understanding through effective research, review and analysis. You will be encouraged to debate current scientific theories and draw accurate conclusions or action plans to further scientific knowledge.


You will cover....


  • Research methodology - qualitative and quantitative

  • Advanced information retrieval skills

  • Research design

  • Research ethics

  • Writing a research proposal

  • Data collection methods

  • Methods of data analysis

  • Written presentation of research data

  • Verbal communication of research data

  • Preparing research for publication

  • Evaluating published research

Key skills you will develop...

  • Effectively find and use information from a range of sources

  • Appropriately reference and acknowledge sources of information

  • Communicate effectively - written and verbal

  • Show individual initiative and research skills

  • Self-evaluate performance and learning

  • Analyse and draw conclusions from numerical data

  • Analyse and draw conclusions from published literature


Assessment of the unit will be based on a research proposal project that will form the basis of your final year project (dissertation), delivered via a short presentation and a final practical examination.