Genetic Alterations (GA) Technologies

Date: April 2022


This unit is designed for anyone involved in, or aspiring to be involved in, the breeding, maintaining or using genetically altered animals. This unit will cover the theory behind the inheritance of specific characteristics, how environment can modify the expression of these characteristics, and the application of these principles in maintaining and developing specific animal models.  You will be encouraged to challenge conventional genetic theory, in response to the latest research and gene manipulation techniques. You will also learn about the methods used to maintain and authenticate the genetic status of inbred animals, and explore the limited application of these methods with out bred and random bred species.


You will cover....


  • Structure and organisation of chromosomes

  • Genotype and phenotype

  • Population genetics

  • Maintenance of strains

  • Inbreeding

  • Outbreeding

  • Monitoring genetic purity of strains

  • Genetically modified animals

  • Reproduction (methods and reasons, inducing oestrus, collecting ova and semen, artificial insemination, in vitro fertilisation, embryo transfer, neutering etc)

Key skills you will develop...

  • Verbal and/or other presentation skills

  • Individual initiative and research skills

  • Critical analysis


This unit will be assessed through essay based work.

"I enjoyed all the subjects we studied, but I found that the Animal Law & Welfare, GA technologies and Toxicology units were particularly helpful in my career."

- Patrick 
Level 5 Graduate