Animal Law and Welfare


Date: November 2022


This unit is designed for prospective and existing Named Animal Care and Welfare Officers (NACWO), but would also be useful for other named persons and anyone involved in working with research animals. You will learn how to fulfill the legal duties of the NACWO and other named people as described in the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act.

You will cover....


  • Ethics

  • Attitudes to the use of animals

  • Alternatives to using animals

  • Legislation (The Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986,, disease control, animal transport, protection of endangered species, GLP regulations and ethical review process)

  • Animal welfare and the Animal Welfare Act 2006

  • Transport of animals

Key skills you will develop...


  • Practical knowledge of legislation controlling the use of animals in science

  • Reflective and analytical skills

  • understanding of different ethical approaches to the use of animals in science and how they are applied

  • Critical thinking

  • Communication skills


This unit is assessed with a combination of exam and essay based work.

"I enjoyed all the subjects we studied, but I found that the Animal Law & Welfare, GA technologies and Toxicology units were particularly helpful in my career."

- Patrick 
Level 5 Graduate