IAT Diploma

Our Level 4 Diploma is the first step in completing a Bachelor's Degree in Laboratory Animal Science & Technology (LAS&T) and is comparable to the first year of a standard BSc (Hons) Degree. We have split our BSc into three Diplomas (level 4-6) to allow students the freedom to progress to the level that suits them best. You will receive an IAT Diploma certificate upon completion of each year, culminating in a BSc in LAS&T on completion of your third year. 

There is no obligation to complete all 3 years and you can take a break between levels, returning to study whenever the time is right for you. We pride ourselves on offering courses that are flexible and specifically designed to improve your performance in the laboratory.

The Level 4 Diploma in Laboratory Animal Science & Technology covers 4 separate learning units. Each unit will equip you with valuable skills for the workplace, and develop your research and writing skills in order to prepare you for levels 5 - 6.

Find out more about the units covered in Level 4 below and alternatively, if you are unable to give the level of commitment required to study an IAT Diploma but would still like to improve your skills, each unit covered in our Diploma is also available as a stand alone CPD course.


Applied Learning

& Development Skills

Develop your skills in reflection, research and the creation of effective plans. Particularly useful for existing or prospective NACWOs, NTCOs and NIOs.


Biological Science

Explore the principles of animal anatomy and physiology, and learn how to apply this knowledge to improve animal welfare and scientific research.



Management Skills

An introduction to supervisory management within an animal facility, focusing on the legislative responsibilities and management principles needed in the workplace. 


Disease Recognition

& Control

Discover how the mammalian body defends itself against disease and how to utilise those defences for experimental and husbandry purposes.

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Don't let finances stop you learning! AS-ET provide bursaries to support education and welfare activities that promote

excellent care and welfare of animals in science.


"CLAST gave me the opportunity to learn from experienced teachers and find out about different work practices and knowledge from my peers. Ultimately it forms a support network, not only during the course but for the future of my career."


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