Project Planning and Project

Please note that for CPD purposes the Project Planning and Project units count as two separate courses.


Date: November 2022


This unit is designed to prepare you for academic research and work based projects.  You will be introduced to the principles of effective project management and good experimental design and reporting. The unit aims to develop the scientific skills and understanding of the student through encouraging effective research, review, analysis and debating current scientific theories, and draw accurate conclusions or action plans to further scientific knowledge. 

You will have the opportunity to integrate the knowledge and skills you have gained in previous units and apply them to an extended piece of research relevant to your specialist field. Your research topic is entirely up to you and is a valuable chance to get feedback from industry experts on a project you may already be working on. You will research, plan, manage and report a significant research project and develop skills which will enhance your personal and career prospects, and ability to communicate more effectively with the senior scientific colleagues. 

You will cover....

Project Planning:

  • Research methodology - qualitative and quantitative

  • Advanced information retrieval skills

  • Research design

  • Data collection methods

  • Data analysis methods

  • Presentation of research data  (written)

  • Research ethics

  • Writing a research proposal

  • Preparing research for publication

  • Evaluating published research

  • Communication of research data  (oral)


  • Discussion of feasibility and sources of knowledge

  • Dissertation selection and creation

  • Evaluation and reporting of results

  • Presentation of project

  • Submission of final project with abstract

Key skills you will develop...

  • Effectively find and use information from a range of sources

  • Appropriately reference and acknowledge sources of information

  • Effective written and verbal communication

  • Individual initiative and research skills

  • Self-evaluation in performance and learning

  • Capacity to analyse and draw conclusions from numerical data

  • Capacity to analyse and draw conclusions from published literature

  • Verbal and/or other presentation skills

  • Critical analysis and reflection

  • Prioritisation and time management skills