Date: TBC 2022


This unit will introduce you to the theory, methods, and regulations governing the assessment of biochemical toxicology and the role of the Study Director. You will learn about the metabolism of toxins in the body and their effect on specific organs, the processes for evaluating the toxicity of pharmaceutical and other potentially harmful substances using in-vitro and in-vivo techniques.


You will cover....


  • Principles of toxicology and risk assessment

  • Regulation

  • Protocol preparation

  • Role of Study Director

Key skills you will develop...

  • Locating, abstracting and analysing published literature

  • Analysis of experimental data

  • Independent research and learning

  • Effective written and verbal communication

  • Discussion and debate of forensic, regulatory and environmental toxicology issues


This unit will be assessed through a research project and essay based work.

"I enjoyed all the subjects we studied, but I found that the Animal Law & Welfare, GA technologies and Toxicology units were particularly helpful in my career."

- Patrick 
Level 5 Graduate